Memorial Glass Ash Infused Art

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.  ~Author Unknown

I have had the honor to create glass pieces infused with cremains for several years now and have been encouraged to offer my services to all of you.  The creation of ash infused artisan glass is both an emotional and spiritual experience for me anytime someone entrusts me with the task.  I would be honored to create for you as well.

About glassbytammyrae

After years of dabbling in various art mediums, I discovered borosilicate glass and never looked back. Over time, my glass style has remained fairly simple to emphasize the amazing and often unanticipated range of colors and patterns. There are times when I look into boro glass and a little fantasy world appears -- so very unusual and spectacular. My commute to work is pretty short. Via the kitchen to grab my coffee, I go down the stairs often with great anticipation to see what awaits in my cooled kiln left from the previous day's efforts at the torch. Glass is a funny medium - especially the kind I use: borosilicate glass, Corning, Pyrex; different names for the same glass, and those of us in the business refer to it simply as 'boro.' So, when you open that kiln you just never know if the colors will be exactly what you wanted or perhaps a variation. One thing I have learned over my years of doing handmade lampwork glass is that each morning is like Christmas: full of surprises! Since I love surprises -- nice ones, at least -- this works well for me as it is never dull. My first bead making class was at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have had the pleasure to study with many boro greats, including Doug Remschneider, Brent Graber, Sabina Boehm, Milon Townsend and Steve Hagstrom. Now things have come full circle for me as I have had the tremendous blessing to give back and teach at the Bead & Button Convention where I first started to learn about boro. My students really inspire me to keep trying new techniques and to continue to practice, practice, practice -- just as I tell them to do. So life is really quite wonderful here in my little corner of the world. I am blessed to be able to work from home with my loving and helpful hubby. I truly have the very best family and friends both near and far - you KNOW who you are! And how many people have the opportunity to turn their artistic endeavors into their "job"? And let's not forget that sitting behind a lamp work torch is a really great way to pass the long winters here in northeastern Wisconsin!
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2 Responses to Memorial Glass Ash Infused Art

  1. Ruth Brown says:

    This presentation is very moving – I would be honored to have a loved one encased in your beautiful glass

  2. janfalkie says:

    Doesn’t freak me out at all. I like the idea. What size(s) do you make these? I am not planning on going anywhere, but just curious. Jan

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